Urrrrrggggg….. A Setback!

So the day started well….. waterline jobs, more holes in the pipes bored…. more buckets of water emptied etc…. Bob did some diy on the moulding around our bedroom wardrobes. We then had a sort through the paint in the man cave and found – bizarrely – that we didn’t have any white emulsion paint! So that killed off our next two jobs which were to touch up scuff marks around the stairwell and to paint the bread oven…. No matter, Monday we would be out and about….. but…..

We were expecting the quarantine inspectors to visit to give us our covid tests and to be sure they rocked up at about 3pm – we were poolside by then. But not to give us our covid tests…. just to check us…… what about our tests, I queried. Oh, no not till Wednesday – then you finish on Thursday, 14 days!!!! No, no we protested. UK people only 10 days. But they were not having it and to be fair only operatives so no point in arguing.

We got on the phone to the quarantine app help centre and they gave us a massive run around, promising to call us back etcetc. In the end… we have appealed on various forums for help and advice but we are resigned to staying in quarantine till Thursday!!!! It means we need more tonic, if not more gin….. desperate circumstances indeed. Utterly infuriating. I am mightily displeased…..

Otherwise all is well. I mean obviously, it could be worse. We are in a sort of paradise and other than tonic we have everything our heart desires…… But trouble looms as Bob may run out of jobs to do by Thursday without a visit to the yapi (hardware store). YIKES!!!!

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