Hot Days and Dinner by the Sea

Feels hotter again today. Decided to have a quieter one because I don’t think I drank enough water yesterday and woke up with cramp and feeling a bit sub par. Waited in for the plumber to come to fix the stopcock. Which he didn’t and he’s coming tomorrow now! See! Some things are totally the same the world over.

The two rugs we hung out are dry but the much larger “under rug” is still wet, although nowhere near as wet as yesterday. It’s still on the floor because it’s too big to lift so it will take longer to dry out. Hopefully by tomorrow we might be able to get everything straight again. The rugs saved a bigger problem actually as they “sucked” up a lot of the water. Without them, my laptop would definitely have been inundated and that would have been an utter disaster!!!! Nothing’s been damaged at all so we were very lucky.

Bob went out to run a few errands in the morning. The blind was ready to be picked up from Mermaid Fabrics so he went and got that and also called in at Tesco Mar to start the process of the new door. We have decided to go with them. We got a good feeling about their competence unlike some of the others.

He also measured up and went off with a list of what he needed to repair the wooden loungers. It’s not a lot – screws and the like. Some wood filler for the painted ones. I think that is going to be his project for this week.

Covid numbers down again here. Only 16 positive tests out of over 8500 conducted yesterday. Currently there are 292 cases receiving treatment and still only 33 deaths since the start of the pandemic. All good news.

Really, it was soooo hot today. Rick the pool guy came and vacuumed the pool and we chatted and swapped news. Bob got back just in time for lunch. He’d got a bag of bits he needs for the loungers and some other stuff too. He had the blind all repaired and good as new. He had paid a deposit on the front door and they came this afternoon to measure up. The doors will be ready in about 10 days from today and they will come and fit them in around half a day.

We brought the dining room carpet in as it was dry and it goes down onto the marble floor, so not a problem. It’s as good as new. Put the table back in place. The lounge one must wait till tomorrow.

We spent the afternoon by the pool. Got both pool floats working and Bob enjoyed his usual floating sleep. Lots of different flowers are coming out around the walls and gardens now. I will take some pictures. We have a lot of lemons on the way too.

Had two video chats with Daisy and a nice long Whatsapp with Joe Dunlop. So good to hear all the news.

Habibi’s men came up just after 6 to begin the building-type jobs. They have started outside with the pool balustrade because we were going out for dinner.

Tonight we went out with our neighbours, Alan and Lesley. We went to a favourite restaurant right by the sea in Karaoglanoglu, Dogus Adres. We’ve been coming to this restaurant since 2006 when we first came to Cyprus. It was in an older incarnation then, called The Address, but essentially it is the same restaurant in a completely new building at the location.

Had a lovely dinner. You get about 10 different little plates of meze as a freebie starter – frankly it’s enough for a meal in my book. Then your entree and then a freebie fruit plate and turkish coffee. I had calamari for entree – a massive pile – and Bob had a pepper steak – absolute perfection. A beautiful fillet. I think with drinks – wine, beers, g&ts, water – we paid about £30 per couple. Very good value for such an upmarket location and such a lovely meal. We’ll definitely be back again this visit.