Dinner in a beautiful Courtyard

Just a little bit cooler today 29C and it feels so much better. We have already reached the point in the year when the first thing I do when I get up is to open all the downstairs windows and sliding doors to create an airflow through the house. Whoever designed these houses was a genius because it works a treat. We have zebra blinds in the kitchen which takes a lot of sun during the day so I also pull them down on a “shade but sheer” setting to help keep it cool in there. Zebra blinds are great in a sunny climate.

Bob cracked on with some of his jobs this morning. He filled some places in the adirondack loungers and regular wooden loungers with plastic wood, ready for painting. And he started working on repairing bits of the wooden loungers that needed maintenance. It was so hot – he was boiling! The pool is out of action today because the workmen painted the gulley with first coat of waterproofing “stuff” last night. This is very different from the last time we had it done, which was more like a latex paint. This is quite thick and dark grey. It looks like it will work very well. They are coming back tonight to give it a final coat. It was funny last night. They got stuck in Nicosia traffic and didn’t get here till 7pm. They set to right away, but even so, the last stretch was done with the remaining pool terrace lights on (not very effective) and their foreman holding his mobile phone torch over the work area!!!! They were very determined to get it done……

We got the last rug back into the house as the under-rug was all dried out, and I vacuumed through the living room. Good to get everything back in place. After that we had a very lazy afternoon just lying around, reading in the cool.

Had calls with the girls. They are gearing up to come here for a few weeks in June. It will be great to all be under one roof for some of that time. And to meet Lucy’s partner, Leon, in person, after so many virtual chats over the last year or so. We are really looking forward to that and hope to get a couple of dives in together while they are all here. They are all double vaccinated so it will be a matter of how many tests they need to do, but no quarantine here. The tests here are free of course. Daisy will have to home isolate on her return to the UK in all probability, but if so, she will do Pay to Release, so only 5 days. Not too bad. She feels its worth it to have her first holiday in a year and probably no chance to holiday for the rest of the year as she goes back to Cineworld in July.

I have prepared two of the guest rooms all ready for them with some of the new sheet sets I brought out from the UK. They look very nice. I’ve put the duvets on the beds but maybe they won’t want them. I guess it depends on how much they are going to run the a/c. How lovely it will be to have guests to stay!

I had a message from Deborah and David who are quarantining at their house to say that they had received a checkup visit from “the man”!!!! All was well. They will definitely only have to do 10 days quarantine.

Tonight we went out for dinner in Alsancak with our friends, Heather and Chris. A restaurant in Alsancak village called Kemerle Bahce, which is an old house buiilt around a courtyard garden. We have been here before some years ago when it was operated as The Blue Door. Anyway, had a most convivial evening and the food was really great. Cypriot food. So it started with a meze of some 8 or 9 dishes and then we had a grill. I had lamb chops which were nice but not exceptional. Bob had a full plate of kebabs and they were exceptional, particularly the chicken which was just amazing. Then they brought us plates of fruit, halva, other sweets. And turkish coffee. We had a great catch up chat – its been ages since we’ve seen them – In Patnem last time…… They’ve been in Cyprus since last August and are here pretty much permanently now. Interesting to talk.

Home again and a massive red moon tonight.