The Workmen Almost Done!

The workmen were back this morning. The whole gang this time at about 1030. They set to the walls first, rubbing down, painting on the damp proof treatment and then later, painting through the hallway, stairs and landing, covering up where we’d made our “daubs”. It looks so much fresher and better. They are certainly very clean and tidy, no mess left at all.

Then they worked on the balustrade at the end of the pool and got that up and secure again. Tomorrow they will be back for the last two jobs – blocking off the downpipes that end on our bedroom balconies, and painting the replastered wall in the kitchen. We will be glad to get it all finished.

Bob and I did a bit of work but we were both very tired today. I think from the heat. We moved the downstairs garden furniture into place and found in doing it that one of the bench slats was loose, which Bob fixed. He finished installing the new stairs movement detector light. It looks very nice. In the week Bob will start installing the pool terrace lighting around the perimeter. That’s the next job. And painting the adirondack chairs which he’s filled and rubbed down.

Calls with the girls discussing booking their flights and their visits. So excited. Hoping to have a bit of a gathering up here one night when they are all here. Live music has started again here so will have to watch out for some events. The vineyard up in the village often has good musical occasions.

Pamela has given me a heads up on a good little shop for curtains.

Lamb kebabs tonight with sweet red peppers and onion. Very tastyA

And ice cream……

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