Updating and Dinner at Silver Rocks

A relatively quiet morning. Bob painted 2 coats on the blue adirondack lounger chair and took a load of broken stuff to the dump. I polished up the kitchen table and the dining room table and the drinks cabinet. They came up very well. When Bob came back he pressure washed the three small pool terrace tables! What a result! They had obviously been sandblasted by sandy rain over the past year and they were more of a sand colour than white. I’d tried CIF with a pan scrubber but to no avail. It was the pressure washer or the dump! They came up perfect and are back to their gleaming best. So they are back on the terrace.

A few phone calls. I rang the hospital in Kyrenia and made an appointment for Daisy to have their full medical check. It’s not as full a check as the one we’re getting in Nicosia but it is more than enough for what she needs at her age – we’ve had it several times before and it is exceptional value for about £80. She’s adding in an extra CA125 blood test that looks for ovarian cancer tags and blood typing for another £8. After the health check she has an appointment with the consultant dermatologist to discuss mole removal. Such a brilliant service.

Daisy has booked her Fit to Fly test at Heathrow for first thing Friday morning. She is going with ExpressTest like we did. It’s about £80 I think and that’s all she needs to enter Cyprus. So exciting.

Lucy and Leon are about to book flights. They had a slight scare because Lu is having to renew her Dubai visa and the company couldn’t find her attested university certificate. She has her original out there but she didn’t have the attested copy which had been lodged when she first arrived. Why you’ve got to submit it again for a renewal when you’ve already done it once, I have no idea…… anyway…. after a bit of a stressful search, her HR department have now found her original file from 2 years ago with the attested certificate…. so….. panic over. They are going to come around the 19th for a couple of weeks, either through Larnaca or Ercan and as they are both double vaccinated, it’s just a question of a PCR test 72 hours before leaving Dubai. The PCR tests for flying are free here so no cost on their return, whichever way they go.

One of the swimming pool guys came up about 1pm and siliconed around the cable entry to the lamp sockets and then fitted the lamps. We spoke to the owner at Pools R Us and she said that they believed that the junction box in the cable between the two lamps had got corroded in the wet which was the main problem and that their electrician was coming up later in the afternoon to fix it. We will be massively glad to get the pool back – it’s no fun being in 33C without the pool. I know we can get in the deep end for a dip, or go under the pool shower but it’s not the same as a real cool off.

The marble cleaning chap whatsapped me back to confirm they are coming on Thursday morning to clean and refinish the marble floor in the kitchen. He is very confident that the mark from last year’s guests rubbish sacks can be removed.

Bob just can’t stop work!!!! He’s decided he wants to paint the kitchen chairs pale blue to match the walls now. I admit, they would look really nice. Anyway, he started filling little places on them and rubbing down ready for that.

By the time we set off for dinner at 645, the electrician still hadn’t arrived. We sent a message to the Pools R Us owner and said basically if he wasn’t coming tonight, we would have to find a different solution. Went on and met Pamela and Eddie, Deborah and David at Silver Rocks in Lapta for dinner. Had an absolutely lovely time and meal, sitting overlooking the sea and the Lapta Walkway and catching up on all the news. Deborah and David arrived after us, did the 10 days quarantine and have been free about a week. It was so lovely to sit out right above the water….. really enjoyed it. Put a few more dates into the planner. About 730 got a call from Pools R Us to say the electrician was on site and trying to find the pool room. I don’t know if he found it but when we got home there was still a noticeable difference in the output from the two pool lights. We will have to follow it up tomorrow. Sigh….