Hot Day!!

We had planned to go to Horseshoe Bay in the far NW of the island for the day. There is a lovely bay there, very quiet, and a famous bbq shack on the beach. Apparently it’s been there for ever, there is no gas or electric and everything is cooked over coals. Divinely! Only open for lunch (too dark in the evening I guess!). BUT…… we were going for a night swim last night when the underwater lights gave a flicker and then slowly faded to oblivion. Have to guess it is the transformer. Well, it is 18 years old so it doesn’t owe us any corn!

We rang Pools R Us this morning and they promised to send up their wizard electrician as soon as possible. So, it was a wait in. Very hot today. Today and tomorrow are the peaks of a heat bloom here.

The other news is that the government have decided to make Monday a full bank holiday too, thus giving public employees a full 9 days paid holiday!!! Can you imagine that anywhere in northern Europe…????? Dont forget they are already on short days because it’s summer time, get paid 13 months salary for 12 months work and can retire on full pension after 20 years…. To be fair, salaries are very low in comparison to the rest of Europe but still as a support package for Cypriots, it’s very good.

I refitted the pergola curtains with completely new curtain hooks which will at least last the year. I can see it will be an annual job due to the effect of the heat on the flimsy plastic.

Spent the whole afternoon in the pool or in the shade. We got a call from Ahmet the Surveyor to come down about 2pm so I went down the hill to him while Bob waited for the electrician (he finally came at 1845!!!). Our land file was back all approved from Nicosia land office and so he told me that we could take it in to the Kyrenia land office now IN PERSON. The fatal flaw in all this was that our neighbours who would also have to be there are in the UK, we leave Cyprus next Thursday and all public buildings are closed through that time…… Hmmmm that put a crimp in his plans. But not for long. We have to go back down on Saturday morning and he has got the notary public next door to open for us and we will give him a POA to act for us in this matter only. Then when our neighbours get back from the UK, they and Ahmet will go to the land office to move matters forward. Hopefully by the time we are back in the autumn it will all be a done deal.

We had a long video chat with Stuart and Fi over a g&t this evening and then the electrician came. He fitted a new transformer but then 10 minutes after he left, the house tripped and we had to isolate the pool lights….. sigh….. he’s coming back first thing in the morning.

Bob bbq’d tonight and we enjoyed the spectacular sunset and a 3 star sighting of the ISS passing right overhead. We love to see that!

Watched an episode of Professor T.