Pool Time

A very hot weekend – 39C – not a cloud in the sky. Saturday morning we had a meeting at 10am with Ahmet the Surveyor to review the document file that is going to the Land Office as the final step of our parcelisation project. That was all fine and then we went updstairs to the Notary to issue Ahmet with a POA to act on our behalf with the Land Office. I hope now that by the time we return in the autumn, it will all be approved and done. But, the civil servants do work short time over the summer, so it may not be…. but soon, definitely.

After that we ran a couple of shopping errands and then went home and jumped straight in the pool. Spent a good few hours out there, just enjoying being in the water.

We have a little group of swifts who have turned up in our area. They love the pool and it’s fascinating to watch them come swooping down to pick up some minute insect they’ve spotted on top, and then shoot off again. Their aerodynamics are amazing, they are so very fast and so very precise.

In the end, we went inside at about 3pm and lay down in the a/c and had a nap! Then came down and watched the sprint of the British GP which was mega exciting. Bob had then to run off to Kyrenia to the Apple shop to pick up his Ipad which they have repaired for a crack in the bezel. It’s taken much longer than estimated and been about double the price they gave us at the beginning….. Lesson learned there.

Nice bbq Saturday night – sheftali, homemade cheesy ratatouille….. chocolate and bitter orange Mardos for dessert.

Sunday was even lazier. We spent literally hours in the pool. A miracle we haven’t shrivelled into millions of wrinkles…. well…… Bob watched the British Grand Prix in the afternoon. Nice to catch it live with the British commentators.

The electrician came back tonight and pulled a new cable through the underground ducting from the switch in our kitchen to the pool room, and he fitted a timer switch to the socket in the kitchen. So, now instead of the terrace lights and the pool lights being worked by an off/on switch, they work off a set timer ie ON/15 mins/30 mins/1 hour/2 hours. It will be much better and avoid the situation where the pool lights are left on for days. So pleased we’ve found this electtician. He’s going to come back in the autumn and completely refit the electrical board in the pool room and tidy it all up.