Lazy Day at the Marriott

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  1. Holi, Colours, New Arrivals and A Boat Trip with Eagles
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We must have been so tired last night, neither of us woke up till after 9am! That’s unheard of. So, we had a slow getting up, coffee and baguette. A beautiful sunny day – abour 28C, blue skies a few clouds.

There was a knock on the door about 10am and it was the manager with a bottle of wine for us as a welcome back and because we are Marriott owners, albeit in Florida. He was a Brit! That was nice! We had a good chat.

Then late morning we set off for the Casino supermarket for a food shop. It’s about 10 minutes drive away. Very quiet. We were all masked up but no one was checking the passports. Im not entirely sure what the rules are to be honest, but we have them available anyway. It’s a pretty good supermarket, but not huge, although the biggest in the near area. About half the size of Tescos or Sainsbury at home in Folkestone though. The butchery and delicatessen counters were very good. We bouth a load of stuff – enough to form the majority of the stay I expect, coupled with some meals out. We’ll just have to top up with fresh bread and milk as we go along. It came to about 250 euro, so not cheap. As I mentioned before, meat is pricey here in comparison to the UK.

We loaded it into the house – there is a pretty good freezer and fridge, and I made enough space for the tins/jars and packets. We are all set. By then, believe it or not it was nearly 2pm!!!!! I don’t know where the day went….. We had a very lazy afternoon around the villa – couldn’t raise enough energy to go swimming even. The weather is set to be hot and sunny for the rest of the week, so there will be plenty of time.

The cleaners came around in the afternoon. Last year, cleaning was not allowed – they gave us a whole generous week’s worth of linen and villa supplies every week, and you put your rubbish outside the front door whenever you liked, to be collected. Frankly I was expecting it to be the same this year. But – and this is a “but” – I conversed with the cleaner and I think she told me she came every day. Well….. in retrospect I asked her if she came “ici” every day, meaning, “our house”. She may have meant “this hotel”. Tomorrow will answer this puzzle….

Tonight we ate dinner on our little garden terrace. I made chicken with garlic and onion, creamed spinach and vegetable croquettes. We began with the customary g&t, and washed down dinner with a lovely cold bottle of Provencal rose gris….. Bob had some brie and a slice of fruit cake afterwards. The fruit cake was called “British cake” so of course we had to try it…. As a fruit cake it was a bit inferior – too sweet without the slightly bitter tang that makes a good fruit cake. However, nothing being doused in some spirit and topped with ice cream won’t improve to the point of eating….. 🙂

An early night to watch telly. Bob has rigged up the tvs so we can watch Netflix, Amazon and all our Sky programmes as well as the satellite channels available here. Having done jobs etc today, tomorrow we are going to maximise the pool and top up our tans…..