Friday at Riva Beach!

Today was the first day of the weekend out here! We decided to go to Riva Beach for the day. Can I just say that unless I say something different, it’s about 36C, cloudless and perfect weather?

We got to the beach club at 10am so that we could be sure of getting a front row position. A bit of a difference in price from a Ladies Day. 110 AED each with no benefits to get in and have a lounger, towel, umbrella etc. So £22… I suppose not bad for the quality of the facilities but still a bit of a shock after half price including lunch!

We pegged out and had a reallly lovely day. We had the two for the price of one lunch which was really nice. Steak Cobb salads which were massive and delicious. Loved them. In the early afternoon, a friend of Lu came and joined us, and the day passed in a succession of laze-chat-wallow-laze-chat-wallow…… At 4pm it became happy hour so we lazed on and had g&ts and wine…… stayed down there till 630, it was glorious.

We both definitely got browner today…. tans are zinging into life!

Came home and had takeaway poke bowls again.