Covid Test Dubai Style

UK vaccinated tourists do not need a PCR test before travel to enter Cyprus. If you arrive in Larnaca, you don’t need to do any more testing. If you arrive in Ercan or cross the land border from the south, they will give you a free lateral flow test on arrival. However, I thought it was better to be safe than sorry so I decided to take a PCR test here in Dubai.

Careem are a local version of Uber in the Emirates and as well as provide car services they also link it to book normal taxis, book food deliveries. shopping and now COVID TESTS. PCR tests are capped here at £30. Anyway, I booked through the Careem app, and it ararnged for a medical tester to come to the flat at the time I appointed and do the test. And the charge on top of the capped fee is £4.50. It’s a brilliant system.

So at 9am. I buzzed up a uniformed tester complete with PPE who administered the test very gently and efficiently. I will get the results within 24 hours. I was really impressed with the service and wish we could have something like it at home, at least in the big cities..

Spent the rest of the day, like yesterday, at Riva Beach with the girls. Tans are coming along very nicely.

This evening I cooked dinner and made a spaghetti bolognaise. I also began setting up the Cyprus Flight Pass (form needed for Larnaca) and the ADAPass (form needed for north Cyprus)…. sigh…. a lingering effect of covid is a massive increase in bureacracy and poorly written software apps.

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