November Sunshine and a BBQ

It’s turned hot again – very clear skies and 28C. I spent yesterday around and in the pool. The water was a bit errrrr bracing, shall we say, but I was too hot to keep out of it. Definitely noticed the water temperature difference between the pool and the sea in Dubai though.

Bob went to a canasta school/playing group yesterday afternoon. Pamela and \Deborah go too. As it was his first time and because they play slightly different rules than he learned in Goa, he sat on the instructor’s table and she walked him through it. He enjoyed it very much and will go every Thursday afternoon while we’re here. It was at the Blue Song restaurant in Lapta and cost 5tl, about 40p.

I drove down to meet Alan and Lesley at Ahmet the Surveyor’s office. We’d paid him in full back in July when all he had to do was finalise the paperwork at the Land Office. Of course he hadn’t done it. Great apologies all round and now it will be done very quickly apparently.

Today more pool lounging for me. Bob was occupied making a new arm for one of the adirondack chairs that had been broken. Two of Habibi’s men came up and spread out the sand very straight and flat using boards, like plastering. They arrived at 7 and by 1pm their lift hadn’t arrived and they were starving so I fed them, poor men. “Do you hsve biscuits, madam?” they asked hopefully remembering the chocolate digestives from the other day….. “No… Mr Bob ate them all”, I had to tell them sadly. Later in the afternoon, pallets of paviers arrived. They are cream/grey interlocking style, quite thick.

It’s fresh fig season here, quite a short one but a very favourite one of mine. I have them for breakfast every day with thick yoghurt, a crunch of muesli and a drizzle of honey. Absolutely gorgeous.

So… a very lovely day and we are so lucky to be here where the summer extends so long. Tonight Bob did a bit of a bbq – sheftali, the delicious local lamb sausages wrapped in caul. It was still lovely outside. So many stars visible.