Lunch by the Sea at Horseshoe Bay

A brilliant day out today. We decided to have a day off from “jobs”. It was a pretty sunny day, about 23C so we decided to head west out towards Kayalar. It’s a really nice drive along the coast road, through Lapta, Karsyaka and then really into the wild, wild west to Kayalar. The last part of the road is spectacular, literally winding around the sea cliffs over the blue sea, just hanging on the edge of the blue-green hills.

We went on through Kayalar to the little chapel on the beach. I like this little spot. It looks like it would be an amazing dive, with the headland reminiscent of a mini version of the one at Calpe in Spain. We parked on the road and walked down the final track. We could have driven down but we were cautious with the hire car. The smell of the herbal bushes, the wild thyme was really strong. There is a lovely little old chapel on the beach and on the other side is what appears to be a deserted carob warehouse. We had a walk about. There was just a lone fisherman down there.

We headed back to the Horseshoe Beach restaurant for lunch. Such a favourite of ours and a must do in our area. It’s a quirky restaurant overlooking the cove at Horseshoe Bay. Ibo, the owner, cooks everything on a massive bbq grill.

He is a genius cook and quite a character. Everything is so fresh and cooked to absolute perfection. We started with a rocket, tomato and cucumber salad, simply dressed, and with bread – it was all delicious. Bob had an ice cold beer and I had a glass of white wine – very nice and a generous measure. Then, Bob had spatchcock baby chicken for main and I had a whole grilled sea bream. The chicken was so tender and juicy and my fish was perfect: crispy skin but the flesh just cooked, still soft and moist….. The mains came with a plate of wonderful chips and more drinks. Honestly, the food was cooked perfectly and so tasty. We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch sitting there in the sunshine. Of course there were cats…. they shared our feast. The whole lot including tip was £17.50.

Stopped at I Belle, the farmers market, on the way home. They had massive supplies of the local vegetables and fruit in glut at the moment ie oranges of all types, lemons, melons, tomatoes and potatoes. Still some globe artichokes going and pretty much the last of the figs but then dates are coming into play. I had some dates yesterday that were just the best ever – a world away from the rather shrivelled, dry things we get at Xmas. I must bring some home with me. We bought a good selection and also some fresh bread. Honestly it was ridiculously cheap for everything. So much cheaper than even the supermarket.

Got home about 3. I hope we get to go back out there again before we leave. It is just wonderful to sit out and eat by the sea just a few weeks before Xmas. Perfect produce cooked perfectly in a sublime setting outdoes Michelin stars every time and to be sure….. the price is right.