Tests and Upholstery

Do I ever get tired of these morning views from the house? Never….. it is such a joy to wake up IN DECEMBER and step out onto the balcony in my pjs to admire this with nary a shiver. Back to sun today as if the island is giving us a last burst before we fly home on Wednesday.

We spent the morning clearing up some last jobs in the house and garden. Ate the some more goat curry for lunch sitting out beside the pool. Just lovely.

In the afternoon, we first headed off to the Dr Suat Gunsel Hospital which is part of the University of Kyrenia and Near Eastern. Parked up and went down for our Fit to Fly Antigen tests. There was a bit more of a queue this time and I suppose we waited about 20 minutes to get tested. It was 40 tl each.

While we waited for our results we headed off to Mermaid Fabrics in Ozankoy to choose some fabric samples for the two couches we will have re-upholstered in the early spring. They are very expert at it and have loads of fabrics too. We came away with 2 samples to see at home. Its going to be about £550 to have them both done. Neither is exactly what I’m looking for really so we also stopped in at Blackbird Designs in Karakum. They only had one suitable material and will hopefully give me a quote tomorrow. On balance, I preferred their fabric but will they do as good a job?????

Back at the hospital, Bob went to pick up our results and certificates (both negative) and I went to the main reception area to get a brochure on the check up packages on offer here. They do about 10 different ones plus add on groups. It’s very very impressive – they have fantastic teams of doctors and ultra modern equipment. Prices are a fraction of the UK, that is IF you could actually get this done in the UK in anything like a reasonable timescale. Medical tourism is big here and in Turkey too, and with the Lira/Pound exchange rate the way it s, it’s an absolute bargain. I wouldn’t hesitate to have treatment here.

Got home about 5pm and enjoyed a cocktail while waiting to be able to fill in our locator forms.

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