Ready to Bid Farewell to the Winter!

Today we got ourselves ready for flying tomorrow. First, packing. We have a large suitcase each plus Bob’s golf bag carrier which we have also put shoes and lightweight towels into. And of course our hand luggage. BA is bizarre in that respect. We have 23kg of checked baggage plus a handbag and a cabin bag both of which (subject to size regulations) can also be 23kg. Useful for packing those house bricks….. Anyway, one of the joys of packing for the USA is that you don’t have to take so much “stuff” because you can buy everything there if you want. I mean, cosmetics and bathroom products – heavy things. We always take tea bags though because it can be very hard to get decent tea.

Packing is a bit more complicated than a normal trip to the States, because we are also packing for a 2 week Caribbean cruise, although, I think, it’s highly likely that may be cancelled. Anyway, come what may, we are ready!!

We had a covid test booked for 2pm at Wren Healthcare in Sandwich. They have portacabins in the car park of the old Pfizer site. Rather ironic. Only one was operating and the poor nurse was stressed. The antigen fit to fly test which cost £49 or something like that was self administered under the watchful eye of the nurse. What a farce! Anyway, we did it. and the results came through by email on our way home. Both negative! Hooray!

Getting those meant we could complete our Verifly App pass. You have to input all the required documents for the flight in order to be able to check in online with BA. Some of the documents just scan in easily and automatically. Some need to be manually uploaded for manual checking. 2 of mine did – the vaccination certificate and the test result. The vaccination certificate was because my middle name was not shown on it unlike my passport and flight booking etc. No idea why the test certificate wouldn’t automatically scan. It just didn’t like the QR code. Anyway, manual verification only took about 20 minutes. I really like this app. It takes any guess work out of which documents you need and what the steps are.

Having received our Verifly Pass with a tick, we were allowed to check in online with BA and get boarding cards. This should save us time tomorrow. But mainly it saves stress. We arrive at the airport already knowing we are approved to board the flight. No last minute shocks or sweaty runs through the airport. Or at least….. none caused by missing certificates…..

We have cleaned through the house. decorations are all down…… beds washed and changed. Our usual routine so that we come back to what feels like another lovely accommodation. We are dropping Daisy at the station soon and then a last dinner on the harbour in Folkestone with Pen and Dave. Tomorrow the taxi comes at 7am and then after a tedious day no doubt, we will be in Florida and ready for a warm, sunny winter. Read along to see what we get up to….