A Day at Sea

Today we were heading north towards Fort Lauderdale tomorrow. It was a lovely warm, sunny day. A light shower in the morning but not much. Bob and I had a very lazy day at the aft pool. There was sushi as an option for lunch which was quite a treat. You can get it every day at one of the extra cost restaurants but once a week on a sea day you can get it in the buffet.

Stuart sent me his great pix of our dives yesterday and I have added them to yesterday’s blog. Pull it up and have a look. Looking forward to more dives next week.

We met up for pre show drinks and watched the singer, Mark Mentz again. Very good show. Then dinner. An excellent one tonight . Much bigger portions. Much bigger glasses of wine on offer ie “double” glasses rather than just a single measure. Cynics would suggest it was tip night as many people get off in the morning after a week’s cruise….. Mains tonight included a roast turkey dinner or surf and turf. Fi had the turkey. It was like a whole crown on a plate. Stuart, Bob and I had the surf and turf which was about 5 large prawns and a fillet steak. Amazing. Succulent shrimps, super tender steak. A very good dinner.

After dinner, we sat in the atrium – which is the most beautiful I’ve encountered – for post dinner drinks, chat and music.

Turned in about 11pm. Up early tomorrow to be assaulted by a stick up the nose and then a turn around day…