Diving in Cozumel, Mexico

Today our ship made its last port of call before heading back to Florida. It was the lovely island of Cozumel, just off the coast of Mexico. We’d been meaning to come here for years but things always seemed to get in the way…..

We had booked to do 2 dives – the ship had arranged with an operator, Aquaworld. I suppose there were about 18 of us again. Cozumel is a very flat island, very green, with a fringe of white sand beaches and then beautiful water of bright blues. Incredible blue clear water.

We all met up at the end of the pier, did the necessary paperwork and then were escorted to the nearby dive boat. It was a really nice big boat, with cover and a massive dive platform.

Our first dive site was called Santa Rosa Wall and it was a beautiful one, covered in sponges of all sorts, barrels, tubes, red, yellow, bright green, orange. Soft and hard corals…. so many fish. We saw a huge turtle, moray eels…. clouds of fish….. squid….

We’d been divided into 3 groups based on experience. All the dives are drift dives, meaning you jump in, go down and the current takes you along and when you are ready you all come up and the boat which is following you will come and pick you up. The current was quite fast….great fun. Lazy diving. Anyway, have a look at these pix all taken by Stuart. No false coloration or filters. These are the bright colours of the seabed!

We managed about an hour each dive and max depths around 25m.

We had about an hour between dives and then went back and dived another reef area called Yubaca. It was a beautiful stretch of reef in fantastic condition, We saw lobsters, needle fish, trigger fish, morays, a huge, huge spotted eagle ray, other rays…… a massive humpback grouper, the biggest I’ve seen in a very long time, since the early days in the Red Sea. Really enjoyable dives. I didn’t wear a wetsuit, just my swimvest. It was fine, the water was really warm.

Can totally recommend diving in Cozumel. It definitely lived up to its reputation.

Spotted eagle ray

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