Beach Days, Family Reunions, Golf

So…. well we’ve been pretty lazy past couple of days. Yesterday, Bob and I had breakast at the Surfanista Cafe with Laura, Mike, and the two lovely littlies, Hannah and Asher. Same delish organic, largely vegetarian food. I couldn’t resist the Cabo special again. It was just so nice and their coffee is the best I’ve tried in America. Despite what Starbucks would have you believe, for a European, it can be a long search to get something that has an actual flavour.

Anyway, a lovely breakfast and wonderful to see them again after over 2 years, and of course to see the children grow so much in that time….

Back to the beach to join Stuart and Fi , who’d been pegged out a while… Then, Fran and Dave joined us about 11am and we all lazed and chatted. Bob and I left at about 330 with Fran to go back to Melbourne to have a big family dinner with Harriet at Chateau Madelaine nursing home. Stuart and Fi later went out to dinner at Luna in Cocoa Beach and had the most amazing dinner.

We had a fab family dinner too. Harriet was surrounded by 11 family members and we ate in the garden, just outside the restaurant. I had the taco salad with shrimps and it was delicious. I have remarked before at how wonderful the food is there. Frannie dropped us back later and Bob began to feel ill…

He had a massive fever overnight…. today woke up still feeling a bit delicate but much better. He stayed in bed today and rested. Stuart played golf in the afternoon. Fi and I had a day on the beach. I was awake quite early to make Bob a cup of tea and saw the sun come up over the sea, directly opposite us. It was really beautiful.

This beach, and our position on it, is just ideal… fabulous….. It’s so quiet and yet we are a couple of minutes from sea to our apartment. I would definitely spend a week here again. This part of Cocoa Beach is so much better than I expected.

Tonight, Stuart and Fi went off to visit the pier which has amusements and bars, restaurants. I stayed back with Bob and did admin, enjoyed the sunset with a g&t, looked at flights for later in the year, and cooked slow ribs with rice and beans. Watched the news with great sorrow and prayers for the poor Ukrainians who tonight face a full scale invasion. We in the west have been very guilty of encouraging them to join us and then failing to give them NATO or EU protection. Both organisations should be utterly ashamed. As should we all. And we should be afraid because it won’t end with Ukraine.

This afternoon Bob started to feel much better. It definitely seems to be a 12-24 hour hideous bug. He’s going to be up for golf tomorrow.

Ribs tonight. Rice and beans. Stuart and Fi reported the pier area was ok but nowhere near as nice as our bit of the beach.