Beautiful Day

Lovely day here in Cyprus today. So bright and sunny and about 26C. Perfect temperature really.

Bob is continuing to wire in and hang the new terrace lights and is making great progress. Can’t wait till they’re all done and I can see the total effect at night. Here’s a picture of the first one up to given an idea.

After lunch Jami (Habibi) our gardener came up and we had a good walk around to look at the plants and work he has done over the last few months since we left in December. Everything seems to be doing very well. The loquats are just ripening and I will be racing the birds to get to them. The local crows and pigeons love them. The almond tree has almonds coming on it and there look to be a nice crop. He cropped the big trees back over the winter and they are in blossom but we have a clear view down to the sea again. They will grow back quickly to form a canopy over the picnic area of the lower garden but will be easier to keep at the correct height now. He has got another painter coming up to give us a second quote for the inside painting as he wasn’t happy with the first one!

Tonight we went out with a big group of friends to Tervetuloa restaurant just down the hill from us in Alsancak. We had the hot and cold meze and then I had grilled lamb chops, Bob had lamb shish…. served with fabulous chips and salad, then a small dessert plate, coffee and brandies. I had 2 g&ts and Bob had a beer. Our bill for everything was £30 including tip. A great value meal and very delicious. Pamela brought us 2 flagons of olive oil from the picking in November – 4L and looks amazing. I hope in a couple of years we will be picking our own!