Summer is Here!

Summer is definitely here now, blown in by those transitional winds of a week ago. The temperature is around the 30C every day and our pool has heated up to 24C. We’ve both been in most days for swims.

All has returned to quiet around here. Nothing disturbing the peace. We’ve continued to bbq and eat outside every evening. And we’ve had some Mardo ice cream. Tonight the same….. really nice t bones again and some red wine. We might bring some t bones home. We got them in the new ileli butcher. £6 for 2.

This afternoon we laid 50+m of garden irrigation pipe, joined it up to the system and made the appropriate watering points in it – about 30 of them. This is to water the dividing hedge to our neighbours to the north plus the grapevine and the climbers that come up the front of the house, and some shrubs in the lower garden. It’s a longer job than you might imagine and involves heaving round heavy plastic piping and crawling under bushes and the hedge to put it in place. Sigh…. now it’s done.

Tomorrow we have a couple of minor jobs but then we are done for a few days and we can enjoy the sun and visit places. Bob’s shoulder has been playing up so he has an appointment tomorrow with the consultant at the private hospital in Kyrenia. May need an x ray and a scan. We’ll see. I’m going to a new Hammam with the girls!! Stand by for reports on all that.

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