Quiet Day at the Beach

I woke up with a headache today, so after it had passed, we decided on a quiet day. The weather was lovely and we have direct access to a fantastic 7 mile beach, so we thought to make the most of it.

We walked a few miles, out and back, in a northerly direction on the beach. There were hardly any others down there, just a couple of small family groups and some dog owners. It was lovely, just the job. There were small groups of birds at the waters edge – I think they were scooping up tiny crabs that were running about. There must be a lot of big Dungeness crabs out in the sea because there were lots of bit of crab along the waterline too.

When we got back to the area in front of our place, we found a place against the sand cliff at the back of the beach and lay out with our kindles. I don’t think a lot of reading got done, we mainly dozed!!! It won’t have done us any harm to have a day off from touring to enjoy this lovely place. We remain very impressed by the beautiful Oregon beaches.