Mileage today: 8 miles Total miles: 5,246

Lovely day again today for weather. 22C and blue sky. We were out in t shirt and shorts again and it was even a bit too hot to sit in the sun, we were looking for shade.

Instead of going back into Mt. Revelstoke NP today we decided to try some of the Revelstoke town trails. There is a network of trails around the Columbia river as it flows through the town. Some sections of the trail are multi-use ie walkers, cyclists, runners and some have parallel sections of walkers only. We gave it a go.

We drove to Centennial Park on the banks of the Columbia and parked up. Absolutely beautiful views of the river and mountains from there. The river was very blue and clear and flowing fast. Too fast to swim in that;s for sure. Centennial Park was very nice, immaculate and with plenty of seats and tables, sports facilities.

We walked along beside the river for some miles, past little ponds and a massive sawmill. There were interpretive and informational signs all along the way. Eventually we came to a road bridge across the river and went over and then turned down to the river side on that side.

Our intention was to follow the trail map which showed a trail running back along that side to a pedestrian bridge that crossed the river back to the Centennial park side and then linked back to that trail forming a 7km loop. However, pretty soon after, the trail was barred and closed with a sign saying the river bank was eroded. We decided to try and find another way through to it further along and walked one lane back which lead to a horse stables. We had several abortive attempts to break through the woods behind the stables back to the river trail but to no avail. We saw a deer jump in front of us at one point. Eventually we turned back to the bridge we’d come over and walked back the way we came. It was a good 5 miles in all and a lovely walk. Pity about the pedestrian bridge. Also a bit annoying because we saw another couple who had obviously just disregarded the sign on the trail and walked that way anyway.

Had a late lunch picnic in the park watching the Columbia flow past on it’s way to the sea at Astoria……

Picked up a couple of dinners at the supermarket and came back to the hotel.

We’ve enjoyed our time here, it’s a very nice town. Lots to do for an active lifestyle. The downtown is really gorgeous too – quite historic with lots of interesting buildings and shops.

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