Kayaking in Coal Harbour

Pretty nice weather again today.   We of course started with another gourmet breakfast.   This time orange juice. Coffee, blackberry compote yoghurt and then twice baked cheese soufflés with prawns and bacon bits and cheese hollandaise on a toasted muffin.   Another delicious restaurant quality start to the day. 

Bob and I then had a quick trip into Port Hardy to get a couple of bits we needed for dinner and to just make sure we couldn’t pick up a charger for my laptop at the computer shop there.   I was pretty sure the answer would be no, and it was.  I should explain that our Amazon Parcel has been lost in the limbo that is Canada Post.  Hasn’t moved since the 22nd when it was last scanned.  It should have been delivered on Tuesday and every day their tracking website promises “delivery today” but every day nothing comes.   As we came past the bank of mailboxes near the Inn, the postman was there so I stopped to check with him.  He looked sheepish and muttered about sacks in their office yet to be sorted…. However it wasn’t in his delivery today and tomorrow is a public holiday so that’s that.  We head off again tomorrow.  Amazon say we can have a refund from tomorrow.  So annoying.  I can manage with my phone but it’s not ideal.

We came back, got changed and took a double kayak out on the inlet. It was like glass out there.  No sign of any whales but we did see jumping fish and a sea Otter swimming on his back.  Phone pic so not very close up but you can make him out.  There’s something cute about the way they swim along like that. Anyway we had a good couple of hours out there just tootling along and enjoying the sun.  I am pretty rubbish at paddling in comparison to Bob but we got around.  It was very peaceful.

I’ve forgotten to mention the seaplane flights taking off start and end of the working day.   They come right past us.  Amazing to see. 

Coal Harbour is named for a small and unsuccessful coal mine back in the 1800s.  It was more successful longterm as a whaling port and in fact was the last whaling port in BC to close.  Nowadays it is a suburb of Port Hardy and also houses the commercial seaplane flights mostly to remote fishing lodges or lumber locations.

Every night about 5pm our hostess brings us down some sort of foodie treat.  Tonight it was fresh crab with a chilli tomato dipping sauce.  Tastes even better for knowing it is fresh out of the water in front of us. 

She asked me how I’d enjoyed the kayaking  and then whether I had backache!!  I said no, and she grinned and said ‘that’s a surprise as you were doing all the work” and mimed Bob lying back with his hands clasped behind his head!!!!!!  My head whirled around and he had the grace to look sheepish…… 

Here I am paddling 😁😁😁

Tonight Bob made a lovely beef roast on the bbq (roasting not grilling) which we had with baby yellow potatoes and lovely gravy . And a bottle of red wine..   A very nice Dutch couple we have been friendly with went out for a sunset kayak and came back to say the humpbacks, were back but we were eating by then.  Later when they returned another English couple arrived and we all chatted on our verandah.   It’s been a magical stay and we are sorry to move on.

A last image from our terrace.