Whidbey Island to Sea-Tac.  Reflections….

Mileage today: 85.  Total miles: 6,953 miles

A fine autumn day to see us off… Sunny and warm with a sea fog hanging over the inlets. 

Luggage packed, we headed south from Oak Harbor to Langley, a small coastal village on the SE coast, about 45 minutes drive.   It’s another historic little place that has turned its picturesque location and buildings to good advantage.

We parked up on First street and wandered along the waterfront park and then up and down the little shopping streets.   Some very lovely stores with interesting goods.  There was also an old but still functioning cinema.   The old theatre had a season advertised but was boarded up and being renovated.   Langley must have been a lot more prosperous at some point.

Of course there were Halloween/autumn decorations out.   We had to laugh at one point because a very bold rabbit was feasting on one of the flower displays.  A shopkeeper told us they are over run with them.

We had our picnic overlooking the inlet and watched a Lone fisherman picking up his pots. It was lovely in the sun.

Clinton Ferry Dock was about another 10 minutes drive south.   The fare for Bob and I was free as we are over 65. The car was something like 8.65 usd.  We got the 2pm ferry which took 20 minutes.  You stayed in the car.

The arrival dock just north of Seattle was a different busy busy world.  Lots of traffic.   We headed south on 450 and then the GPS moved us off to rt 99 because of congestion ahead.  That took us through a very long tunnel under the city and then through a highly industrial area.  We filled up the car with the most expensive petrol of our trip at 6.29 per gallon.

We met Mikaela, our Turo car owner, kerbside at BA Departures. The handover went very smoothly and we are now at the gate waiting for our flight back to London.  Its going to be a bit late I think but hopefully not too bad.

This has been a most amazing trip and we have loved every minute.  The weather has been very kind to us and we have worn t shirts and shorts right to the end.  We’ve stayed in well over 35 different places and travelled very nearly 7000 miles with little in the way of difficulty.  The Pound has not been our friend, falling 30% against the dollar whilst we’ve been here.  We’ve had to economise more even than usual but many of the things we’ve done have just required leg power and our park passes.  Much of the trip is a bit of a blur and we will spend time when we get home Re-reading the blog and enjoying the memories. 

For now though, the outstanding memories of 2 months in the Pacific North West are

Trees – millions and millions of trees, some of them dripping with velvet moss.

Water – lakes, rivers, waterfalls, rapids, the Pacific, Narrows and Straits

Mountains. Some with snow, some with bald tops, volcanic peaks, some active…

The incomparable  beaches of the Oregon Coast

Crater Lake especially stargazing there

Whitewater rafting through Hells Canyon

Experiencing the Pendleton Roundup and watching the bull riding

Meeting our friends, Stuart and Fi in Whistler.  The weather was poor but the company great.

Our anniversary at the Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood

Whale watching in Oregon and seeing grey whales.

Our day with the grizzly bears of Bute Inlet.  12 bears viewed from close range

Seeing black bears wandering about in a few places…

Seeing humpback whales and orcas around Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island as a whole was a highlight.  What a place!!!!

And that’s just what comes immediately to mind…. Truth is that beauty was around every corner and the whole region is an outdoor paradise. 

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