First Day in Cyprus

Slept like logs, we must have been so tired…. Absolutely gorgeous day outside. 28C and blue skies. Back in the cami and shorts. Lay on a bit this morning and then started the unpacking and settling in. Perhaps it’s inevitable when we have had a lot of guests but we often find things in odd places and have to hunt around. Also, inevitably glasses get broken over the summer and things like that and will need to be replaced. It is so lovely to be here though and we just need to relax and enjoy it. Daisy arrives tomorrow night and that will really help.

The garden is looking surprisingly good considering poor Habibi hasn’t been able to have the automatic watering system on since May. He’s been coming up very early in the morning to water manually and for a while with the hose so most things have survived. The olive tree is not looking its best but he assures me it is alive. He’s coming up tomorrow at 0830 for a chat. I’d better be up early then!!!!! We seem to have plenty of water coming through now so I have turned the feed to the garden tank on again and tomorrow will turn each automatic watering line on and check it for leaks. The garden immediately responds to water. Our lemon tree has lemons on. Not ripe yet but soon we’ll be having one with our g&t.

Bob went out to the phone shop to get a local sim and also to shop and get cash from the machine. We are going to a black tie dinner next week – the Poppy Ball – and we need to pay for our tickets. I carried on, unpacking things that we lock away, re-arranging things to be where I like, and making a note of missing items or things needing repairs. Not too bad but it took all day.

Bob did well with the grocery shop but the phone didn’t activate properly so he had to go back to the phone shop. All ok now.

Tonight we went up to Hoots with our friends Alan and Lesley, Deborah and David for a charity quiz night. Hoots is in Ilgaz, the village just up the hill a short way. It’s a really nice bistro style place. It was really fun and very well attended. 5 rounds of pretty challenging food related questions and 4 sections of a “table quiz”. We came second and “wuzz robbed” by one point… Had a bit of dinner half time which was delicious as always at Hoots. The stars are amazing again tonight as they were when we arrived last night. More in the mood to admire them tonight.