Cyprus Halloween

Another perfect couple of days here. The weather is just amazing as usual this time of year. Plenty hot enough but with enough freshness that it isn’t overpowering. I’ve been in the pool a lot both days. Bob has too. Daisy has been a winnerdly coward and not put beyond a toe into the water despite sunbathing all day…..

Today we had an morning run to Mr Pound to get our Halloween Costumes. Bob and I still had great ones from last year but Daisy needed to get at least a token, so she got a great cobweb witches hat plus some gruesome green fingers with nails. She then mega raided the whole beauty/cosmetics section. Really, they have some great products in there and sooooo cheap.

We’ve done a lot of sunbathing over the last couple of days. A lot of afternoons by the pool We also went to the butcher iin Ozankoy today for our stock up of pork sausages in various ilks, pork belly chops, and the like. He is brilliant. We also tried the new (to us) supermarket on the Alsancak/Lapta border, Socmar. Very good food and prices and crowded with locals – a great sign. Not just expats.

We’ve had a couple of bbq nights at the house which is always a great pleasure but tonight we were eating out. We got togged up in our HorrorWear and got to the Wild Duck in Karsyaka by 630. It was already heaving by then, largely with families. There were lots of great costumes, We met up with our friends, Pamela and Eddie, David and Deborah, Heather and Chris. Had a couple of drinks and then headed to Driftwood on the Lapta strip. Met up with Roger and Anne there and all had a most excellent dinner. Daisy and I had sirloin steaks(very tender) in blue cheese sauce, cooked just right ie hardly at all, and served with all manner of fixings. Bob had the same with a pepper sauce. We had loads of wine. free starters, some people had dessert, we had coffee and brandy. It all came to a shade under £30 per couple including tip. Amazing value.

Such a great night out in wonderful company.