Hammam Bliss and Dinner in Bellapais

Hot today. 27C in the day and even now at nearly midnight, it’s 17C. We had our session at the hammam in Kyrenia booked for 10am. Bob drove us in and he went off for a male version of a pamper session: massive fried breakfast at the George Pub, a Turkish barbering, and a wander around town. He managed to get a pair of shorts.

Daisy and I checked into the hammam and got changed, put our stuff in the locker. We were then escorted into one of the three (i think) hammam rooms. They are all lined in white and grey marble, with marble benches around the edges interspersed with basins and in the middle a great marble round plinth. They are heated to a high temperature. Places were set out for us on the plinth – a Turkish towel spread between a leather foot rest and a leather pillow. Once we lay down, we were thoroughly doused with brass bowls of hot water, turning so that we were completely wet. Then we were rubbed from head to foot with an exfoliation mitt, polishing us. Then more dousing. Then we were covered in a light but copious foam and washed with a cloth mitt. Then covered in an oil/lotion and massaged from head to foot, both sides. Finally more dousing, hair washed and rinsed and wrapped in warm towels. This all took about 45 minutes and was very pleasurable.

We were escorted into the rest room where we lay on leather couches and were served water and tea. A clay purifying mask was painted onto our faces and we lay there thoroughly snuggled and comfy for about 20 minutes.

We were then taken to seperate massage rooms. First the face mask was washed off and then we enjoyed a one hour massage from head to foot with oils and creams. By the end of it, we were as relaxed as jellies and our skin was sooooo soft. Its a great facility and the package is a great bargain at about £32. A massage alone is £20. I thoroughly recommend this place. it’s clean, comfortable and completely proper.

Spent the afternoon around the pool and then this evening we went up to Bellapais to the Bellapais Gardens Hotel and Restaurant and met the gang for dinner. It’s probably the best restaurant in the north of Cyprus in our opinion. I had veal cheeks with mash and veg and they were truly melt in the mouth glutinous. Daisy had a slow roasted ribeye steak which was remarkably similar. For dessert she had the chocolate bombe where a chocolate shell encases ice cream and fruit and hot caramel sauce is poured over causing the shell to burst apart. It was absolutely yum. A great night was had by all.