Patnem Days

It’s been quite an exciting couple of days, given that we’ve been at the beach….

Yesterday we 4 were bobbing about in the sea at about 1015 – it was really calm and still…. when suddenly, an enormous shape jumped in the water not 10 feet from us! We all squeaked but then realised it was a dolphin diving through the waves and chasing the small fish that were schooling there. We were so close to it for a good 10 minutes which was a lovely surprise.

It’s been hot so we’ve been spending a lot of time in the water and under the sunshades. Roz has gone home now so we are back to 8 in our gang. Last night we ate at Sea Front for Roz’s last night They put a table on the beach for us with a firepit. Not perhaps our best dinner in my opinion but an enjoyable evening. Hilariously, I joined the “Head over Heels” club of people who lean back in their beach chair to look at the stars and then find themselves falling backwards into the sand. There is a very funny photo of me, legs in air, head on the sand which I promise to post in this blog once I get it from Daisy. Very undignified!!!

Tonight we tuk’d into Palolem and picked up Daisy’s resized ring from the jeweller. There is still one to go. We ate dinner at Ciarans. So very much better than last time we went. An Italian couple were singing – they go to the same yoga class as Stuart and Fi and they were simply superb. A very wide range of songs and great voices and musicianship. They only play on a Sunday so we’ll be back next week.

I had roast Goan pork which was fantastic. Bob and Daisy both had steaks with mushroom sauce which were also great. A most enjoyable evening in lovely company. Ciaran’s was packed out and deservedly so.

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