Epcot Future World, then Downpour!


Epcot Future World, then Downpour!
Epcot, FL

Epcot, FL

Slept like logs again after all that Irish food! Had breakfast at home then set off for Epcot. The park opened at 9 and we were there just about then. We would have been earlier but we took a wrong turn and ended up circling WDW!! It was already fairly busy although being such a huge park it never feels as busy as the Magic Kingdom. Epcot is one of our favourite parks in Disneyworld. It’s along the lines of a World Fair . Half of the park is built around pavilions sponsored by companies like Siemens and General Electric and showcasing aspects of science and technology. The other half is a World Showcase built around a huge lagoon where various countries have areas recreating aspects and the architecture of their culture. All set in a fabulous parklike environment with the usual brilliant landscaping and floral designs.
We started off by seeing Journey into Imagination with Figment, a jovial ride which makes the point that to be effective we have to free the imagination to work. Like most of the rides here you exit into an interactive area where you can play on various computerised attractions e.g. create digital music by waving your arms in front of digitised instruments and play in orchestra with others. That was fun. Then we went to the great Big Silver Golf Ball aka Planet Earth where we had a fastpass. This is one of my favourite rides which takes you on a journey through the history of mankind and our communications . We pass from cavemen through Ancient Greece and Rome (nod to the Phoeniicians and their alphabet on the way), the Dark Ages and the preservation of knowledge, the Renaissance, invention of the printing press, increased mechanisation , the telephone, television, the internet. I have always found it rather moving.
Then back over to the Land Pavilion where we watched The Circle of Life an IMAX film centred on our need for ecoloy and balance. Feeling a bit hungry after that and so grabbed a snack in the food court there. Strong memories of being there with the girls and my mum and dad in August 1997. A lady on the next table turned to us and said “so sorry to hear about your Princess.”. We were stunned. The news had broken that Princess Diana had been killed in Paris. One of those moments you always remember.
Anyway, next we explored the Living Seas pavilion, a wonderful aquarium which we have had the pleasure of scuba diving in on previous visits. They also have a nice ride there called Exploring the Seas with Nemo.
As it was now after 11am, we walked around to the start of World Showcase. Canada first. They have a number of attractions including a wonderful circlevision film showing Canada’s scenic wonders. After Canada we reached Great Britain!!!! Our offerings were the Rose and Crown pub, lots of shops, gardens and some travelling entertainers. Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland were both in residence. Always interesting to see how we promote ourselves!!!! You’d think with a history like ours we might have dredged up something more!
On to France! Several restaurants and carts selling WINE!!!! We pottered around the perfume shops. Belle and Aurora were signing autographs. Finally we reached Morocco and mooched around the souk there and had lunch in one of the restaurants. Some very nice hoummus, wraps and falafel. Sore feet were beginning to make their presence felt.
Our last stop was Soarin which is one of my favourite rides in the whole park. We had a fastpass for it which was lucky as the line was at the 2 hour level by then. We more or less walked right on so very worthwhile having the fastpass. Its a great ride where you “fly” in front of a massive IMAX screen that takes you on a flight over various locations in California,: the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite, Palm Springs, Napa Valley, San Diego, surf beaches, LA by night and finally Disneyland California in time for the fireworksf.
We tottered out it was about 1:30 and HOT. But…. black clouds gathering. Lots of them! We had intended to go to Typhoon Lagoon for the afternoon but decided to can that and go home and come out again later. We stopped at Publix supermarket(much pricier than Walmart but possibly better quality. Comparable Waitrose vs ASDA) to pick up a few things and by the time we came out it was hammering down and black as pitch, thunder and lightning. YIKEES!!! Glad we made that decision!!! Came home and relaxed for a while. After much deliberation we decided to have a quiet night in. Yummy dinner of calves liver with purple and gold new potatoes and a side salad. Calves liver is ridiculously cheap here I assume because Americans do not favour offal. I made a jug of margaritas! I think you could say it went down well….very well!

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