Shopping and Swimming and No Parks!

Shopping and Swimming and No Parks!
Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

Today we decided to give ourselves a day off from theme parks and have a lie in! So we did. Then, Lucy and I decided to have a venture to Orlando Premium Outlet Mall which is about a mile away from our condo. Bob and Daisy wanted to sunbathe round the pool. It was of course HOT! Bob dropped Lu and I off at about 10. We had an excellent few hours in the outlets and Lucy picked up some great office clothes in Ann Taylor and I got a couple of pairs of very nice shorts and tops there. We also found some things in Barneys. I fancy you do better for bargains in the large department stores like Saks once they put items on sale than you do in the outlets a lot of the time. Certainly the items on sale in Ann Taylor in the mall were better bargains than the outlet . The outlet however had more items on sale…. Had a slight dilemma when we found Lucy’s phone had gone dead, I didn’t have one with me and the pay phone’s wouldn’t make international calls either by credit cad, cash or reverse chares. Ended up having to get a cab back.
Spent the afternoon around the pool at the resort which was very relaxing. At one point we had a massive thunder storm right overhead with masses of lightning and very heavy rain. We took shelter and read our books. It didn’t last long.
In the evening we went to a restaurant recommended to Lucy called Lee and Rick’s Oyster Bar. It was very rustic but is rated as in the top 20 oyster bars in the U.S. Apparently. They were certainly very welcoming and the food was very good and the prices were amazing: 3 dozen oysters on the shell for $25. And the shrimp was good too. Enjoyed that and would go again.
Then we went to the large cinema on International Drive and saw Jurassic World in 3D. The cinema was comfortable but utterly filthy. Popcorn all over the place. So unusual over here to see dirt like that. The film was what you would call a good yarn! Entertaining But rubbish . Special effects were very good though and it wasn’t boring. A good continuation of the series.
Lucy’ last ngiht with us. She goes home tomorrow teatime. We are going into Universal Studios in the morning with her and then will take her to the airport at about 330. Going to miss her very very much. It has gone far too quickly. Daisy goes home on Monday and then it will just be us two old goats on the roam. We might have a few days rest…..

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