Golf and Sun with Some Burgers thrown in…

Golf and Sun with Some Burgers thrown in…
Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Bob went off to play at hs new course this morning and I hit the swimming pool. It was hot. It was very hot…… If we have a week like this I am going to come back a pretty good colour. He came back about 1pm and was very pleased with himself. This course is much more challenging than the Delray one (par 72) although not quite as pretty being surrounded by homes on its outer edges. Lots of water and lots of bunkers though and some long fairways. Anyway, he went around in 99 which is pretty amazing for a first go at a new course. He says that since recovering from his shoulder trouble 2 years ago he has not been able to hit so far whch costs him on the longer holes but the trade off is that he is becoming more accurate and using more clubs rather than just his driver. I have no idea what this means really but I nod sagely and am pleased that he is pleased.
Anyway, we spent the afternoon around the pool and then about 330 in the usual Florida pattern , it came over cloudy, big drops of rain and then torrents and thunder and lightening. We retreated indoors and made margaritas and read our books and talked to the girls.
Lucy is still wrestling with the builders. She moves in at the weekend and is now resigned to the fact that they will be there off and on for a further two weeks. Its been an interesting revelation to her to think that try as you might, there are some people who cannot be managed into what we would recognise as efficiency. LOL. Builders are builders. There are always delays and they always disappear and then claim family tragedy or some such nonsense. Still, it will all be fine and wonderful in a couple of weeks time. And then she will forget all the horrid trauma and stress.
Made fabulous burgers for dinner tonight. They were hue and thick and so very juicy. Proper meat, quite loosely bound and without a lot of filler. Most enjoyable. After the torrents Bob had quite a job to light the bbq, but after much drainage it did work.
Also spoke to Daisy who is back on the dissertation trail.
Our sort of neighbour in Cyprus (he owns a piece of land behind to the side of us) has reappeared after a long absence and is kicking up about our boundary again. He has no legal case at all as our fence is actually within our boundary line but he seems to think that the law is irrelevant as applies to him. I wish I could be confidant that a Cypriot legal system would uphold our rights against his (he is a Cypriot) but I am sadly not.

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