Bob Faces the Falcon’s Fire!

Bob Faces the Falcon’s Fire!
Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

Had a weird night’s sleep with vivid dreams! Must have been all that food LOL. Anyway, Bob went off about 930 to play his round at Falcon’s Fire . The website for the course was really good with a very good plan and page for each hole. The back 9 looked pretty challenging with lots of water all over the place and more bunkers than I’ve ever seen. He decided to stop at Walmart on the way to pick up some extra balls just in case. HAHA. You don’t want to go poking around in the bushes and near the water too much around here. There might be some lurking hazards. He and Lu encountered an alligator when they played their round after all.
I had a walk around the beach on the lake which was lovely. What a nice resort this is! Hammocks in the trees. BBQ grills and waterssports. Then various pools, spa pools, crazy golf, kiddies playround, outdoor gym and running track. I found a good spot at the large pool , part in sun , part in shade and pegged out with my Kindle. It was quiet most of the day.
Bob got back about 145. He’d had a great round and said it was a really beautiful course. Very long. The carts were nice apparently with gps and they were electric ones. There was a lady who circled the course with a refreshment cart and she went round about 3 times while he was there. Also they have golf valets who meet you when you drive up, take your clubs and then put them in a cart for you which is waiting when you come out of the pro shop. At the end they take them, clean them and bring them to your car!!!! Pretty nice service. The whole thing cost about £25. Oh, yes and he went round in 99 so still keeping under the magic 100!!!! What a happy chappy Bob is at the moment. He’s playing it again on Thursday with Dave.

So we spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool and came in about 4pm. Spoke to the girls. Lucy was looking for a light to go over her dining room table.
Went out to a Japanese fusion restaurant for sushi at dinnertime. Very good sushi and nice tempura. Not as good as the restaurant we went to in Boca with Ricky and Suzi , but pretty tasty. It was full of Japanese people which must be a good sign. We ate loads and came away happy.

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