Back to the Mall

1.1436216019.rand-beach-resort-we-are-in-the-first-buildinBack to the Mall
Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL

We had a quiet morning around the pool. It was a lot more busy than yesterday but still a nice spot. Around lunchtime the clouds gathered and it started to rain. At first we just got in the pool and tried to wait it out but then quite bad thunder started and we had to get out.
Went back inside and got showered and changed and later on drove up to the Mall at Millennia. Had a last look around the sales in there. Picked up some plates in Crate and Barrel for Lucy. Stayed there for the afternoon and then went for an early dinner to Fishbones. We had a coupon for it from our concierge which would give us a $10 off.
Very nice place. Mainly fish but also steaks and prime rib. Interesting cocktails. I had a blackberry margarita which sounds rather disgusting but was vey nice. Unusually, it was not sweet. Bob had some sort of ginger beer, ginger liquer and vodka. Served in a copper mug. His was really nice. He had unlimited fried king prawns. I went for the prime rib which I ordered rare. The waiter said that it might be towards the medium rare. OK. Salads were really good. Lovely dressing and very crisp. Garlic bread was not so good but American garlic bread is never ever as good as European garlic bread. They don’t put enough garlic on it. The bread is not spread with garlic butter and they put cheese on. I like cheesey garllic bread but the operative word has to be “garlic”. Bob’s shrimp were amazing. Huge and juicy and they just kept coming until he held his hands up in surrender.
I had a problem The first time in my memory that I have ever sent a dish back in the US. My prime rib came out and I was prepared that it might be medium rare. Medium rare to me is warm and pink in the middle but definitely with a bit of blood about it. This was white all the way through. Maybe you could call it medium well. A travesty of a fabulous piece of meat. I called the waiter over and he blathered on about it being medium rare. I showed him a cut through and said, it can’t be medium rare if there is no pinkness. He took it back. Another waiter came over and made the same defence. I had a slight sense of humour failure at this point and told him that i could tell the difference between rare,, medium rare and well done. And if the chef couldn’t offer me it at the required level of “doneness” he should just say and I would order something else but don’t try to fob me off with it. Then the manager came out and told me he’d cut me the replacement middle piece himself and was bringing it to show me and I could have it or have something else. Well, my god, he brought me out half the steer I should think. A massive cut. It was medium rare in the middle at least so I took it. It was delicious and so soft. Pity it wasn’t totally rare. However, at £40 for 2 including tip and 2 cocktails, and all the food we had it was a bargain. We would go again but maybe not have the prime rib…..

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