BA: A Mixed Bag

2.1440951206.bob-and-daisy-outside-the-apartmentBA: A Mixed Bag
Gatwick, United Kingdom

Gatwick, United Kingdom

Bob and I had originally booked this holiday just for ourselves as a “use it or lose it” timeshare week. We’ve been here many times so it’s a lot like coming home. Then we found out that Daisy’s submission date for her dissertation was the 28th, and it seemed a nice way of rounding that off to have her come out with us as a last holiday before moving away from home and hopefully starting work.
Bob and I had booked with Avios and all that had been available was Club Europe on BA. It was not many more points so we took them. With tax and duty Avios are not very useful on long distance anymore. When we tried to book Daisy on the same flight there were no Avios seats left at all so we had to pay cash. We decided to surprise her with letting her have one of our Club class seats each way and also the lounge experience.
Anyway, rolled up at Gatwick about 30 minutes earlier than normal for all of this to happen. Checked in and all waved through the fast track security lane. So far so good. Then we went up to Terraces lounge so that Bob could explain that he was giving his lounge pass to Daisy. No. That was not acceptable as she was flying economy. We explained to the two hatchet faced jobsworths that we were not looking for an extra lounge pass, he was giving her his pass. No, not acceptable and the computer was blamed. I have to say that I was enraged by the stupidity of their attitude. We fumed but decided that we would go in one at a time so one of us would keep Daisy company downstairs. When I went in, I helped myself very lavishly to their delicious sandwiches, two glasses of champagne and some cake!!!!! I then wrapped up sandwiches and cake and took them down to Daisy. So sucks to you BA!!!! Your inflexible attitude did not win the day.
The flight was about 30 minutes late and on this leg Daisy and I were in Club Europe and Bob was in economy. No problem about actually giving her his SEAT then! He was only 3 rows behind us though. The service was very good and we started with 2 champagne splits and then a fabulous salmon salad meal. Enormous piece of salmon perfectly cooked on a bed of pesto pasta salad. The best meal I can remember having on a plane ever. Washed down with another round of champagne splits and followed by cheese and crackers and chocolates. I took my cheese, bread and chocolates back to Bob who devoured them gratefully. He just got a rubbish sandwich….. Daisy stretched out across the double seat and fell asleep and I read.
Picked up a mid size car from Hertz and drove the 20 minutes to CLC Santa Cruz at Mijas Costa. We were knackered by then. It was about midnight. Our apartment is as lovely as always: 2 bedrooms, large lounge/diner/kitchen 2 bathrooms and absolutely enormous terrace with dining, private Jacuzzi and loungers.
We unpacked a bit and fell into bed. So tired. I didn’t have a great night. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling ill with indigestion!!!!! Shouldn’t have pigged out on all those BA sandwiches etc. Revenge of the BA Lounge. Never mind. Bring on the sun tomorrow.