La Cala De Mijas, Spain

La Cala De Mijas, Spain

Still felt so tired when we woke up! Still it was a lovely warm day so we spent the morning out on our terrace. It’s massive. Easily the largest we’ve had here. They leave you a grocery pack which is lucky because nothing is open on a Sunday apart from the little general store on the property and you wouldn’t want to have to buy much in there. Anyway, we managed a nice breakfast in the sun and then laid out reading. Daisy had a loll in the Jacuzzi. She’s still suffering from a terrible itching rash – sort of hives – she came out in this week. Not sure if its the stress of the dissertation or a reaction to the antibiotics the dentist prescribed for her emerging wisdom tooth. Anyway poor kid is covered. She’s taking antihistamine and it is getting a lot better.
We had lunch out there too and then headed down to the swimming pool.
Being bank holiday week it was a lot more crowded than we’ve seen it before but no problem getting loungers and umbrellas. There was still plenty of space. Kept reading,, swimming…. had a couple of cocktails. I had a mojito and Daisy a frozen margarita. Back to the lounger. Next thing I knew it was 5pm and I’d been asleep – as had Daisy – for about 2 hours!!!!!
Came back to the apartment and Bob had a long soak in the oversize tub in our bedroom. His knee was aching a bit. He’s playing golf tomorrow so hope it clears up.
Tonight we went to one of our favourite restaurants around here: Meca Sushi restaurant in Elviria. We have gone here for years and seen them grow from strength to strength. It’s still very lowkey but the sushi is just fabulous. This year they have added a teppanyaki table and the guy who was doing that was just amazing. The best I have ever seen. Anyway, we had a massive amount of sushi, bottle of wine flask of saki and water, tempura… stuffed to the rafters and it all came to about 90 euro. Amazing value really. If you are in the area I really recommend it.

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