It’s Just a Perfect Day

2.1441135986.bob-in-fuengirola-market2.1441135986.bob-on-our-terrace-after-dinnerIt’s Just a Perfect Day
La Cala De Mijas, Spain

La Cala De Mijas, Spain

Pulled back the curtains to the most perfect blue cloudless sky. Temperature about 29c today and a nice breeze blowing too. No humidity. Lovely weather.
Daisy’s sandals had given up the ghost so we had decided to pay a visit to Fuengirola market, the largest one in this area. It is a huge one, mainly clothes, shoes, artefacts but with a central fruit and veg part as well. Fuengirola is about 10 minutes north of us so after a quick breakfast we headed to the marketplace. We know that if we get there at about 9am, we will be able to park in the marketplace carpark, a great advantage as other parking is nightmarish in the narrow streets. The market starts setting up about 8ish and everything is in place for 930. If we get there at 9 we can park, have a coffee and a churro and then be there for startup before it gets too busy. We like to be away by 11 when the tour buses start rolling in and the heat really kicks in. So, we followed our pattern. Had coffee and then started to wander up and down the rows looking at sandals. The leather is good value here. Daisy managed to get a pair of really nice leather sandals for 10e. She wore them immediately! We wandered on, bought some brightly coloured earthenware kitchen stuff and some vegetables. By 11 it was really too hot and we beat a retreat.
Called in at LIDL on the way back to the resort to pick up some food. The LIDL was really upmarket, not the usual “shed” sort of structure we have in the UK but all glass and rather hi-tec. It had a much bigger range of goods than our usual ones too. The wine and spirits were absurdly cheap. I got some brilliant tempranillo and rioja for about 3e a bottle and a bottle of brandy for about 5.5e. I really like Spanish brandy. I also got some of the LIDL skincare products. In the UK you can just get the black label CIEN skin creams but on the continent they stock many more lines including a range based on caviar and also one with gold. They are about 4.99 – 6.99e a pot and I’ve tried them and they are really really good. Daisy also likes the LIDL perfume Madame Suddenly which is about 3e and regularly beats Chanel in blind “smellings”. It is delightful and she gets sooo many compliments on it at work and uni. LOL if only they knew!!!!!

Got home in time for lunch on the terrace which was so nice. Some cold white rioja, fresh bread, parma ham, mozzarella, ripe tomatoes…… all yum. Just the perfect Mediterranean lunch. Then we went down to the pool and read and swam till about 5. I had to move to the shade as it was very hot.
This evening we cooked in and had dinner on the terrace. Entrecote steaks, fresh asparagus from the market, sautéed mushrooms and a really nice tempranillo, the wine of this area. Had a bit of a wallow in the Jacuzzi then lay on the terrace in our dressing gowns feeling ridiculously decadent LOL. Finally some ice cream with coffee and brandy.
What a great day! Hopefully the pattern for the rest of the week.