Bob destroys Calanova Golf Course!

Bob destroys Calanova Golf Course!
La Cala De Mijas, Spain

La Cala De Mijas, Spain

Bob went off to play golf again this morning, this time at Calanova Golf Club -golf.php Daisy and I followed our usual pattern and stayed around the apartment terrace in the morning till after lunch, then down to the pool. Boiling hot again and cloudless sky. Bob got back about 230. He’d played 18 holes and he said it was the hardest course he’d ever played anywhere: USA, Spain, Scotland; England… anywhere. He was quite pleased he’d gone round in 105. Apparently there was only one hole where you could see the flag from the tee spot, everything else was over the brim of a hill or around a dog leg. Plus he’d had a bit of an accident with his cart and mowed into some stakes linked by rope. The rope and stakes got all around the cart and front wheels and he ended up careering along dragging half this roped fence behind him. LOL. Anyway, he was trying unsuccessfully to get free when a chap came along in another buggy and suggested Bob joined him for the round. He was Norwegian and his name was Bent but Bob didn’t hold that against him šŸ™‚ He eventually passed an employee and gave him his cart key and told him what had happened. No problem.
Came back about 5 to find an email that Daisy has to have her wisdom tooth out. All a bit mysterious and unsatisfactory as there is no explanation or anything. Will have to follow it up when we get home. Bit surprised as she is missing some second teeth so seems odd they would want to take out a wisdom tooth.
Tonight we went back to Venta el Jineta for dinner. It was good and the guitarist was excellent, but the food was not quite as good as on Monday night. Bob and I started with calamari which was disappointing to be honest. Daisy had duck pate which was ok but too much. I then had roast leg of baby lamb which was delicious and different to the slow roasted leg that Bob had the other night. Bob and Daisy had calves liver which was excellent. Very good but not quite as good…. Still very enjoyable though.

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