Sun and Calamari

2.1441485250.santa-cruz-suites-and-main-poolSun and Calamari
La Cala De Mijas, Spain

La Cala De Mijas, Spain

Well we’ve enjoyed today but it probably will make a dull read for you. We had breakfast on the terrace then lay on the loungers out there reading and making occasional dips for wallowing in the Jacuzzi. Had lunch outside. I made grilled goats cheese on baguette slices with accompanying nibbles – extremely yummy all washed down with our free arrival present from CLC, a bottle of cava. Delicous! Daisy and I spent the afternoon down at the pool reading and sunbathing while Bob stayed on the terrace. He said he was reading but I think he might have been napping 🙂 Anyway, came back about 5ish and we then showered and had dinner outside. I made calamari two ways with black rice and salad. Bought all of this at LIDL. I must say the calamari were delicious. So very soft and flavourful. Had them as battered rings and also as baby “whole” ones. After dinner Bob and Daisy played backgammon while we ate chocolate and polished off the rioja. Then coffee and brandys. Daisy has applied for a load more jobs today and had calls from agencies setting up interviews for next week. She is up to London Sunday night, back Tuesday night. We are packing Wednesday and then taking her up on Thursday to move in. Lucy is back from Ibiza and knackered. She has a leak in her ensuite and has been chasing her useless bodger builder. It will be the small claims court next if she has to call someone else in to fix his ****** work.
If anyone’s looking for a builder, don’t employ Moores Renovations. Rubbish.

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