Our last day!

2.1441485250.santa-cruz-suites-and-main-poolOur last day!
La Cala De Mijas, Spain

La Cala De Mijas, Spain

Our last day! Boo Hoo! We got up about 8 and packed up. Had a last breakfast out on the terrace: tortilla and fried eggs. Very nice. Then loaded up the car and decamped down to the pool for the day. Daisy dropped her iPhone and smashed the screen which was a bit of a drama. Bob went off to a nearby menders but they didn’t have a 5c screen. In any case she is about to be out of contract so tomorrow she can go to carphonewarehouse and upgrade to a new one. We hae a menders in Folkestone so Bob is going to get a new screen on hers and he’ll have it as an upgrade from his iPhone 4.
Nice day lying around the pool. We had a snack lunch in the little café there which was quite pleasant. Finally packed up about 5, got changed and into our travelling clothes. Wonder when we’ll be back again. Maybe not to CLC as we are no longer owners here after this stay having traded our ownership to own in Malta at the Radisson Blu.
Went for dinner to our old friends at Meka Sushi. Sushi is excellent pre flight food. Not too heavy.
Got to the airport about 8 for our 2255 flight. It is late. And they wouldn’t open the check in till 9. Even for Club Europe and BA Gold and Silver. Stood there till then and then went through. Up in the lounge watching the flight get later and later. Its not a patch on the BA Terraces lounge at Gatwick except that it let us pay 20 quid to bring Daisy in. Unfortunately unless you became utterly drunk it would be quite hard to get that value as there is hardly any food bar a few nuts. Very poor. Still there are plenty of comfy sofas and good wifi. Hopefully we wont be too late. We probably won’t get home till 3ish now. urrggggg…..
Anyway, its been a brilliant getaway week here on the Costa del Sol. Very much a favourite of ours and one we will continue no doubt to visit wherever we stay in the future.