Thomas Cook Airlines! A Revelation!

5.1452512921.view-from-our-terraceThomas Cook Airlines! A Revelation!
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Had a very good night’s sleep at the Bloc. Honestly can unreservedly recommend this place if you are departing early from Gatwick South. This morning we had breakfast at the next door restaurant and then literally walked into the security lanes beside the hotel reception. Made it a painless getaway.I’d been semi dreading the flight because the last time we took this direct chartered flight was 11 years ago and we swore we would never do it again. Narrow seats. Crammed in like sardines. Horrible. However, I have to report that our flight was brilliant and faultless and better than many scheduled flights I’ve experienced. The plane was brand new which helped and there was loads of leg room and the seats were plenty wide enough. Food was generous with dishes designed by James Martin and the trolley service was good, staff nice. I would definitely fly them again.
We landed in Goa at 1140pm and Bob and I were among the first off the plane as we were 3 rows back from the front door. We got through immigration really quickly too as we had visas already in our passports. As we are staying more than 30 days we could not do the e-visa route which most people did. Poor Mick and Maureen were in row 40, about as far back as you could be and they had e-visas and were at the back of a very very long queue.
We got our bags and their’s off the belt. Always a slightly anxious wait…… And the hall was rapidly emptying before they came down from immigration. I suppose it was about 1am by then. Outside we found our driver from Tantra in his Tantramobile and he drove us to the Tubki. He is such a good driver – thanks for organising it, Freddie – and we had a smooth journey down, getting to the Tubki about 230am.
Quick check in and we were in our room within 10 minutes. We have one of the self catering studios right in front of the pool. Really nice space. A/C double bedroom in the rear, with a little screened balcony off; bathroom/wetroom, kitchenette and living room and a nice little front patio in front of the pool. Mick and Maureen were too late in booking to get one of them and they are in the hotel suites which are in a four storey tower. Humungous rooms, very modern furnishing. We are paying about £20 per night for our studio. More than we’ve paid before but this year we have the pool, free wifi, maid service and a/c. Oh yes…. and easily the most comfortable mattress we’ve ever had in Goa. Most of them would be interchangeable with a floor tile!
So off to sleep, happy to be in our special place again for the next weeks.

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