Ten Little Indians!

Ten Little Indians!
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

So, now we are Ten! A gang of Ten! Yesterday morning about 9am Stuart and Fi rolled up by taxi having had an overnight flight from Heathrow with BA. They were in remarkably good shape so after dumping their bags we headed down to Salida and the beach.Mick and Maureen had gone to Old Goa and Panjim for the day. Joe and Janet had walked to Cozy Nook in Palolem. So, we were pretty much a foursome during the day. Gloria and Jean were nearby as Jean has moved from April 20 huts to Cuba huts as they were better for half the price.Anyway, a hot day…. Stuart and Fi swam in the sea but largely sunbathed and napped on the beach. Just boiling.
Last night we ate on the beach at Namaste under the stars and watched the fire jugglers set. There is a massive wedding underway in the next bay at the Lalit hotel and we could hear the celebrations all the way to Patnem. It’s a big do.
This morning we were all down at Salida again. Very very hot but there must have been a massive storm out to sea because there was a huge swell. The roughest sea I have ever seen here despite there being no wind. Impossible to swim really. I just dunked down in it in knee deep water. Jean went in and got rolled in a wave which was unpleasant.
Tonight we went to Boomshankar for cocktails which was brilliant. Such a lovely place and such colours. I had my usual Passage to India cocktails. Then we walked along the beach to April 20 and had a fab dinner. I of course had my Palak Paneer but there were some amazing dishes around the table. Easily the best food on the beach here. We walked back along the road avoiding the sleeping cows with some very tiny calves.
Maureen and Mick’s last day tomorrow. They fly in the evening. That was a quick 3 weeks! So after tomorrow night we are back to a gang of 8.

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