M&M’s Last Day

M&M’s Last Day
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Cannot believe we’ve been here 3 weeks, but we have…. and that means it’s time for Mick and Maureen to go home.
Fi and I went down to the beach at 830 and had breakfast at Salida. There’s been a slight running battle with some German guests over the last couple of days but this morning we were victorious and secured our favoured beds….then we had breakfast lounging in one of the cushioned chillout zones. Bob and Stuart walked into Chaudhi to get supplies for our farewell drinks do tonight. Mick and Maureen were running about getting money, buying pashminas and last minute presents for home.
The sea was a lot calmer today but still a bit more “lively” than it normally is. You had to time your entry through the breaker line. Maureen came to grief and went down 3 times, rolling in the surf. Even Fi got knocked at one point and had a good dousing. Stuart put us all to shame with his long distance swimming and went out as far as the boat and back.
We had a late farewell lunch at Jaali, one of Maureen’s favourites. Just very light but very tasty. Then they went back to pack and we went back to the beach for a long nap.
Tonight we hosted our Tubki crowd on our patio for nibbles and drinks. Sat around outside till the taxi rolled up to take M&M to the airport at 8pm. Then, farewells… Joe and janet decided to eat in as they’d had a very late night the night before! Bob and I, Stuart and Fi headed into Palolem. We intended to eat at the Israeli restaurant but when we got there, there was a live music act and the place was totally rammed, standing room only. So we walked down to the beach and ate at Dropadi. Soooo good. One of my absolute favourites. Buzzy atmosphere and sublime food especially the tandoori.

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