Boat Trips, Birds and Golf

Boat Trips, Birds and Golf
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Yesterday we went back to Palolem for the day in order to travel up river and see more birds, this time with Fiona and Stuart. We got the tuk to drop us as near to Cozy Nook as possible and then walked through the permanent village at that far end of Palolem Beach till we reached Dreamcatcher and then to Cozy Nook. Dreamcatcher’s huts looked very very nice it must be said. We had breakfast at Cozy Nook – the others all had poached eggs on rosti – fantastic and then we pegged out on the beach there till our boat trip at 1pm. Palolem is a lot more sheltered than Patnem and the sea was just glassy.
The boat trip was as fab as ever. I took loads of pictures most of which were rubbish but did manage to snap a few good ones. We saw the eagles and kites again but also two sorts of heron, and 2 types of kingfisher. We also saw monkeys. A whole family playing on the beach and in the trees. This boat trip is such amazing value. I could do it time and again.
We spent all day there and then came back to the Tubki and all met up to go and see a film at the Steakhouse. It was Burnt with Bradley Cooper which is about a Michelin starred chef who is off the rails and trying to redeem himself. It was light but good. Enjoyable fluff really. I liked it better than Chef though.
Today Bob and Stuart went to the Lalit and played 18 holes of golf. Fiona and I went to the beach. She has a streaming cold poor girl. Dosing her up with Lemsips. It’s horrible to have a cold in hot weather. Probably got it on the plane.
An old friend turned up at Salida today – Gianna who we first met two years ago. It was lovely to see her and catch up on all her news. She’s had quite a year or two but is now back settled in the UK. She’s here for 10 days staying at Salida so we will see her a fair bit no doubt.
Tonight we ate at Cuba. A first. I have no idea why as the food was simply fantastic. Absolutely as good as April 20 but a bit cheaper. Will definitely be going back. The huts looked fab too. We had a lovely evening with much laughter. It is warmer than ever here. Especially at night.

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