Last Days with Stuart and Fi

Last Days with Stuart and Fi
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Stuart and Fi’s second week has really flown by and today has been their last day. They fly home to the UK early tomorrow morning. It’s been so lovely to have them here and we will miss them.
We’ve spent the last few days on the beach either at Patnem or Palolem. We went back to Palolem yesterday in particular to visit the spa at the Dreamcatcher resort which is just behind Cozy Nook. It was recommended by Gianna who knows a good massage! Fi and I both had hour long Ayervedic massages for £11 each. They were really superb and the place was spotless and had proper massage tables with head supports. Excellent value. I have booked to go again on Monday.
Gianna and Claire have also left to go to Hampi and then to north Goa. Short but sweet to see you ladies!
So, as we lose, we gain! Joe and Janet’s family are with us and the children are just so much enjoying the beaches and the restaurants. They are in the sea non stop and Henry in particular is loving all the beach dogs LOL. We went to Octopus one night for dinner and Mark our neighbour from Dinesh’s house days was playing a gig there. Great music.
Have had a few drinks get togethers. Last one tonight. Gloria is bringing up a bottle of wine to add to our supplies. She leaves on Sunday for Kathmandhu and we will miss her hugely too. We went to see Marylyn and Clive’s new apartment block yesterday. 17 rooms, 10 a/c, and a mix of double rooms, a few family suites, kitchenette suites. All with lovely balconies and good space. Very impressive. We will definitely consider staying there in the future if the price is reasonable. Hope to find that out soon.
Not much other news! My tan is coming along very nicely thanks for asking 🙂 I shall definitely be scrutinised at passport and immigration controls.
The weather at home looks freezing ….

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