Joe and Janet’s Last Day

Joe and Janet’s Last Day
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

It is a truth universally acknowledged….. that if you stay for long enough, you needs must say goodbye to all your friends! And so the day has come to pass. We have said goodbye to M&M, Gloria, Stuart and Fi, the Burton Family and now….. Joe and Janet.
Bob and Joe went into Chaudhi this morning to do banking things and have a last breakfast at the Krishna Hotel. Joe and Janet must have been tired as they’d been up to see Kirsty and the family off at midnight and then sat around chatting as you do….. I went down to Salida and had breakfast and reserved our beds. It’s terribly territorial I’m afraid. If you haven’t got your towel down by 9 you might as well forget it. I am always up early so I have to bear the focussed scorn and hatred of all the latecomers who find my clothing spread across the sun loungers on behalf of our little party…..
Bob and Joe turned up late morning and Janet too and we had a last afternoon on the beach all together. There was Scrabble and Cribbage. It was hot again. The sea was absolutely limpid and sooooo warm. We saw sea eagles and red kites swooping down and seizing small fish from the water.
Tonight we had last drinks on our patio beside the pool and then the restaurant brought two tables over and we ate dinner at the Tubki outside our room. Really nice dinner of tandoori, chicken tikka, prawn masala, potato stuffed naan, daal fry…. lots of g&t. Turned in at around 10 as Joe and Janet need to be up for their taxi at 4am. Can’t believe that when we wake up, they will not be here. They’ve been such great and constant company on this holiday.Looking forward to seeing them back in London or Kent in the summer.
So… onwards…. we have just over 3 weeks to go…. some more visitors arriving next week to gee us up….

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