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Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Another boiling day. We headed off down to the beach quite early and had breakfast at Salida. Roz and David turned up about lunchtime having been to Chaudhi to see the market. Other than that we had a very quiet time. Quite a few swims but then the swell got up for some unknown reason (it wasn’t windy) and I gave up trying to get through to the calm waters beyond the surf. I like to wear my sunglasses in the sea and if there’s any danger of being bowled over and making a forced donation of them… I pass!
We decided to go back to the Tubki at about 230 and showered off and sat and read on our terrace. Had a FT call with Lu who was just setting off for a weekend at our house in Hawkinge. It looked cold at home. Also had a Skype chat with Pamela in Cyprus who is wanting to come to Patnem next winter for a few months. Discussed accommodation options including the Tubki and Maralyn and Clive’s new place which will be open by then. It’s going to be an even bigger group next year by the sound of it.
rang up the Steakhouse to see what was playing but it was Burnt which we’ve already seen so instead we went into Palolem and had a look around the shops there and then ate dinner at Dropadi on the beach. I had chicken tikka which was just sooo succulent and tender and juicy. Marginally spoilt by a table of Russians next to us who were terribly loud and spread out so they might as well have joined our tables together for all the privacy they gave us. There are very few Russians in the south but Palolem gets its share. Thank heavens Patnem has hardly any.
All the news is about the EU Referendum in June. Shall undoubtedly vote OUT. When we voted last in the 70s we voted for a trading partnership. All the rest of the nonsense has been imposed by bureaucrats and gravytrain merchants and we’ve had to live with it. Europe is currently reeling under the impact of being part of -imo – the German Empire. Only being an island saves us a bit plus the success of the City of London and British business. Hopefully we will have the courage to take back our responsibility and forge a new agreement with the word’s countries from our own independent stance. As we are France’s biggest farming customer I highly doubt they will want to lose us.
Anyway….. it all seems a long way off from here.