Visa Stress

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Patnem, India

Patnem, India

So after some days of emails flying back and forth, we have decided that we can’t risk turning up at the ship on the 17th March and P&O not accepting our Chinese Group Visa. The visa agency in London have assured us that it is a perfectly valid visa and I can see from online reports that it certainly is. However, for whatever reason, there have been reports that the cruise companies don’t like it. P&O have been hugely non committal for which they are going to take a bashing from a lot of unhappy passengers.
We have looked at the situation and have found a visa agency in Hong Kong that has excellent reviews on TripAdvisor and they can turn visas around in about 24 – 30 hours. Which is fine as we have 3.5 days! We’ll get it started as soon as we get to Hong Kong though. Dump our bags at the hotel and go straight there with all our paperwork. The visa agency in London have said that we can have our money back. Fingers crossed then.

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