Perfect Beach Day


Perfect Beach Day
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Feeling a lot more relaxed today. We took Roz and David to Palolem so that they could do the river boat trip. We based ourselves at Cozy Nook as usual. Had the usual lovely breakfasts. Their rosti is really the best. Far far far better than Home on Patnem beach which continues to deteriorate.
The sea was so perfect today. Absolutely calm, very warm and clear right out to depth. It was positively bathlike in the shallows. We did nothing all day except read and walk back and forth between the water and our loungers. We felt so much better after such a horrid day yesterday.
I think in the end we came to the conclusion that as long as Daisy was ok in the car, all else was just fixable and would resolve itself given time. No more news as yet on the ICICI refund (are they EVER going to get an exocet letter when it is all over!) . The visa discussions echo on. We have now had emails from the visa agency in the UK that P&O have said that the group visa is ok. I have also had a private email from another passenger to say that they have told him this and are putting it in writing. Will give it a couple of days to see if this materialises and if not, we will organise personal visas when we get to Hong Kong. We have an agency there we can use.
And another bit of good news! M&S have delivered my swimmies to John and Sue so they will bring them out tomorrow. The delivery was on time but Royal Mail have never updated the tracking to reflect that. Why am I not surprised! They are hopeless. One day soon they will find themselves bust and there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the unions and workforce but like so many other things they will only have themselves to blame for the appalling work practices and huge huge inefficiency. 🙂
Tonight we are eating on the beach at Roundcube. Roz and David have gone to the Steakhouse to see Bridge of Spies.

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