Beach and then John and Sue Arrive!

5.1457191924.swimming-pool-filled-againBeach and then John and Sue Arrive!
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Had a lovely day on the beach in Patnem. Hot. Sea warm. In other words…. the usual! Several facetimes with the girls. Especially enjoyable one where Lucy woke Daisy up by bursting into her bedroom and jumping on the bed and they then had a furious argument LOL. Unfortunately we did not have the earplugs in the laptop so everyone in the shack enjoyed their ladylike language and behaviour 🙂 So nice to know that despite being in their mid twenties they are still capable of behaving like ten year olds …..
John and Susan (Bob’s cousin) arrived at about 5pm and were in good shape after their overnight flight. First time to India for Susan and first time to Goa for both. They came down for g&ts at our place at 7 and we went down to Roundcube on the beach for dinner. Lovely evening under the stars. Orion’s Belt very visible amongst a goodly crusting of them. Fireworks at one point too. Rocky did us proud as usual and I think they are looking forward to a great couple of weeks.

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