First and Last Days

First and Last Days
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

So we have reached the end of Roz and David’s stay but the start of John and Sue’s! This holiday has just been amazing for the number of friends who have come here for the first time and therefore we have re-experienced Goa as new over and over again. So much fun.
We have spent the last couple of days at Salida during the day just enjoying the beach and the sunshine. Last night we ate with John and Sue at April 20, one of the best restaurants on the beach. They had brilliant seafood specials — such enormous portions. Lots of fireworks going on too.
Tonight David and Roz came up to the Tubki to join the four of us for g&ts and that was very nice. Then we wended our way down to the beach to R&D’s final choice which was dinner at Café Fiesta. This is where we ate with them on their first night and Roz very much enjoyed the Fish Pollichattu which is a massive white fish fillet cooked with onions and fresh herbs in a banana leaf. Lovely dinner on the beach under the stars.I had fabulous massive king prawns in a garlic butter sauce with salad. Just huge! More fireworks tonight both on Patnem beach and visible from a wedding over on the Lalit beach. There was also a new fire juggling troupe of girls giving a very good show. Very acrobatic. We stayed down till about 11pm which is pretty late for us.
On another front, our £1500 has been traced by Lloyds bank and returned to our account from the ICIIC bank. Bob is now free to write his stinky letter to ICICI telling them what we think of their service etc.
Spoke to both girls over the last few days. All well there.

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