It’s March!

It’s March!
Patnem, India

Patnem, India

Wow…. that came around quickly. The first of March. We leave in 13 days! I can’t believe it…. time has passed so quickly although it seems like ages ago we were loading the car in the wind and freezing rain to set off.
John and Susan went off on a day trip to Old Goa and Panjim this morning with our nice little taxi chap. They were going to see the remains of the old city, the two cathedrals and the archaeological museum. Then lunch at the lovely Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant, shopping at Fabindia and then wending back via the bridges and back roads and the fort at Cabo di Rama. Got back about 5pm and had a fab time. It’s a long day out but a good one.
We walked into Choudhi at about 845 as we needed to pick up our new glasses today. Instead of breakfast at the Krishna, we decided to have breakfast at another traditional dhurba (café) near the tuk tuk stand which we’d heard good reports of. Well… wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anywhere near as good as the Krishna either. Walked up to the optician and our glasses were all ready. Very pleased with mine, bifocal sunglasses with dark lenses and blue side arms. Bob’s got posh varifocal, reactolight ones and they’re great too.
Bought some “drugs” at the chemist for our travelling medicine chest. Easy to buy over the counter here. We were back at the Tubki by 10 and then changed and walked down to Salida. I was absolutely roasting by then, felt like a bit of chocolate left out in the car. Just dumped everything on the lounger and rushed down to the sea. Surprised it didn’t sizzle and bubble when I got in.
Spent the rest of the day, lounging and reading. Am working my way through the Alfred the Great novels by Bernard Cornwell. Being televised as the Last Kingdom. Most enjoyable.
Our Chinese visa is now resolved. P&O have finally got off the fence and said that they are going to insist on individual visas and will deny boarding to anything else. So, we have cancelled our group application and we will have to get individual visas when we arrive in HK. It shouldn’t be a problem as w5.1456856555.our-normal-position-when-not-eating-or-swimmine have plenty of time. Tonight we ate on the beach at Roundcube which was lovely as usual. Had FT chats with the girls when we got back to the room. A good Day

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